Installation, dummy data & theme upgrades, 404 error


I read the instructions, but am still not clear on how to install the dummy or demo content?

If you’ve just started building your Magento site from the scratch, we recommend to follow this guide to install the entire site with sample data.

1. Unzip package\ and upload content of quick_start_package\www folder to your server using your favorite ftp client. If you are not familiar with any ftp clients, we can suggest you to try Filezilla. Usually web server root folder called public_html, www or httpdocs

2. Create new database and user in mysql, find quick_start_package\shopper.sql and import it into the new database with help of phpMyAdmin ( or any other mysql software like HeidiSql ). Please check this video - Installing Magento - Creating the database and user using phpMyAdmin

3. Now you can access to the site from your web browser to continue installing Magento as usual. After the installation completed, your Magento site should look exactly like our demo except the images, they are replaced with sample placeholders.

If it is still not clear for you, then please check this video - How to install Magento


Errors during installation

1. Please double check that all files were uploaded

2. Check system requirements:

3. Most common problem is low memory limit. To fix it, you need to increase memory limit in .htaccess or php.ini. If your hosting does not allow that, please, contact your hosting support

4. Another common problem is lack of time limit. To fix it, you need to edit index.php. Insert set_time_limit(0); in the beginnig of index.php


I will do some modification, etc. Will it be easy to upgrade to future theme releases?

ALWAYS DO BACKUP BEFORE UPDATING THEME. After theme update is uploaded and cache refreshed - please go to theme Settings and press Save to update configuration - we often adding new options and they need to appear in DB

I. If you have NOT changed any files

You can just copy files from new package over old files. Thats it! Theme is updated. You can just refresh cache and flush css/js ( if you use merge option ).

II. If you have changed theme files

If you not familiar with git or console you ca use a file and folder comparison software. If that sounds frightening, don’t worry. There’s plenty of software and web apps that do that out there. Many of them are free and most of them offer a free trial. For example You can try Beyond Compare.. Merge changes from latest update in your files and upload it.

For those who do use git

1. To apply update you need to use command line ( console ) on your server.
You can use some of the free console clients, i.e. “putty”.

2.Login to your server and find magento root folder. If you are not sure about root folder, but you have ftp access, then you can try to create one line php file and upload it via ftp.
File should contain following line of code

Note: Patches should be applied version by version. I.e. if you have v1.2, you should not apply patches from v1.2.3 before you applied patches for v1.2.1 and v1.2.2

4. Run patch files one by one with help of git apply command:

5.When git apply is working normallyand all goes well, you will not receive any response at all:

5.1. If you want to see what's going on behind the scenes, you can use the -v (verbose) flag:


6. Here is the other output that git apply command can generate, and what it means.
Patch does not apply

Git couldn't apply the changes in the patch because it wasn't able to find the line(s) of code in question; they must have been changed or removed by another commit. Try following:

1Make sure the patch hasn't already been applied. Try to examine the code to see if the change(s) are already present. If they are, you're done.

If they aren't or if only some of them are, try something else:
Use patch -p1 < filename.patch. Whereas git-apply altogether rejects a patch with any errors, patch -p1 works hunk by hunk, applying as many individual changes as it can. It backs up each file as filename.ext.orig before modifying it and saves rejected hunks in filename.ext.rej. Discard the .orig files and manually apply the changes left in the .rej. This is an easy strategy for small patches.

7. Lets take a look at patch file content.
skin/frontend/default/shopper/css/local.css | 3 ++-
This code means that local.css was changed, 3 differences, 2 insertion, 1 deletion
line with minus was deleted
line with plus was added


I'm getting a 404 Error when I try to access: Queldorei > Shopper > Theme Settings

You need to log out from admin and login again to refresh access control system in admin.

setting up theme features


Is there and option to disable the ajax to prevent conflict with other ajax plugins?

Yes, you can disable ajax features.

Please go to Queldorei > Shopper > Theme settings, Open Ajax & Js features.

Here you can disable following features:

  • Priceslider for layered navigation
  • Ajax wishlist and compare
  • Ajax cart / Quick View
  • Scroll to top button


I do not see ajax price slider

Ajax price slider works only with categories which use layered navigation.
Please check this article for more info on layered navigation


I do not see Previous/Next on product page

Our theme comes with next/prev navigation on product page. But, it only appear if you go to product from specific category, because products can be in multiple categories and system can't know which category to use in rotation if you open products from front page for example.

So if you go to product from some page instead of category, you will not see prev/next navigation


How to find id of your facebook page

Please check this link - or this article –


Which files do I edit for the facebook and twitter boxes located at the footer

Facebook and twitter block code located in app\design\frontend\default\shopper\template\page\html\footer.phtml.

Twitter and Facebook accounts can be edited in Queldorei > Shopper > Theme settings, and look for Social section


How to remove "toTop" button?

1. Please go to Queldorei > Shopper > Theme settings.

2. Open Ajax & Js features section

3. and set "Enable Scroll to top button" = No


I cant change theme color

First please check that you do not override theme colors on another scope level like Website or store view ( more about scopes - STORE VIEWS AND DIFFERENT CONFIGURATION SCOPES )

Some servers setup in such way that no php files allowed in skin directory. To check it simply create skin/info.php with following content and try to access it ( ). If you cant see php info apply fix below.

  • move skin\frontend\default\shopper\css\options.css.php to magento root
  • edit options.css.php
    find and change it to
  • - edit app/design/frontend/default/shopper/template/page/html/head.phtml
    and change it to
  • Be sure to not erase changes when you will update theme


How to add support of Cyrillic characters to Google font?

Currently no Google font will support Cyrillic characters (even the ones that usually do), so in order to fix that:

- edit this file: /app/design/frontend/default/shopper/template/page/html/head.phtml - on lines 51 and 53, see where it loads the fonts and replace this: :300,400,700 with this: :300,400,700&subset=latin,cyrillic

This will load the Google font with Cyrillic support. And you can see which fonts have Cyrillic support from here:

frontpage content


How do i "mark" the products so they show up as featured products on the home page

Featured products is block located in home page.
Home page can be edited in CMS > Pages.

Block is added with help of following code category_id=12 this is ID category. Products from this category will be shown at front page.
num_products - how many products to show
title - additional parameter, in case you want to make some other title instead of "Featured products"

You need to create a new category and add some products which you want to display at front page. Remember ID of this category and add it as category_id parameter for front page code.

If you don't want to show this category in navigation, then set for this category following settings (when you edit/create category):
Include in Navigation Menu = No

new & sale products


New and Sale label don't show

There was a bug in theme - for some countries New/Sale labels were not shown. This problem was fixed in v1.2.3 . Please update to latest theme version if you still experiencing this problem


How to mark product as "New" or "Sale" ?

To mark product as "New" do following steps:

  • 1. Go to Catalog > Manage Products and select product.
  • 2. In General tab you will find two fields: Set Product as New from Date and Set Product as New to Date. Fill them and press save.
  • 3. If you use caching go to System > Index management and reindex data.
    After that go to System > Cache management.
    Select all items, select disable in actions and click submit.

To mark product as "Sale" do following steps:

  • 1. Go to Catalog > Manage Products and select product.
  • 2. In Price tab fill following fields: Special price, Special price from Date and Special price to Date
  • 3. If you use caching go to System > Index management and reindex data.
    After that go to System > Cache management.
    Select all items, select disable in actions and click submit.



How do I change the word BAG to CART ( or basically any text in theme )?

To change any text in theme you need to use translate file.

Default Translate file is located in app/design/frontend/default/shopper/locale/en_US/translate.csv.

Please note that translate file located in en_US folder. This means that translations contained in file applied only if store used English ( United States ) locale, which is corresponding to en_US

In order for translation to work, you need to edit it with your favorite text editor.
but DO NOT use EXCEL
File contain strings in following format: where
- Shopping cart - original text string
- Bag - updated text


How can i change language?

To change store language please do following steps:

  • - install original translation from magento connect. All available translations can be found here
  • - create app/design/frontend/default/shopper/locale/tr_TR/
  • - copy app/design/frontend/default/shopper/locale/en_US/translate.csv to new locale folder and translate it
  • - switch store locale to your new language in System > Configuration > General
  • - refresh cache ( System > Cache management )

payment system


What payment gateways supported by Magento?

Magento is integrated with a variety of major payment gateways out of the box, as well as alternative payment methods from PayPal, Amazon and Google.

Customers can also pay via check/money order, or purchase order and additional payment extensions are available through Magento Connect.

More info can be found here -


How to add any Payment module

Payment modules can be found on Magento Connect. It is usual magento extension. To install it follow the steps given below (Advance users may skip few steps):

1. Select the community extension by browsing huge Magento extension archive :)

2. Now, you will see a button right under the theme image called "Get Extension Key". You need to click "Get Extension Key" and agree to extension license agreement.

3. After that you will see Magento extension key (displayed in the box). You need to paste this extension key in your store’s Magento connect tab. Keep it safe.

4. Copy this Magento extension key. It will look like "magento-community/Phoenix_Moneybookers"

5. In order to install this Magento community extension into your Magento store:
Login to your store admin panel
go to System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager.
Magento connect manager will ask you to login again. You need to use your store admin login credentials to get past the login screen. Paste the theme "extension key" copied from the’s

6. Installation process will begin and after successful install it should show a message. You can optionally click on "Refresh" button to see whether the extension is installed or not.

7. Extension may require additional configuration, so you should read & follow the documentation provided with the extension.

8. Your Magento extension should now be installed and ready.



No image in slider

This bug was fixed in v1.1. Please donwload latest theme version from ThemeForest


It takes quite some time for the slider to load... Is there any workaround so it loads faster?

Slider starts when all images are loaded. It will look bad if your slider start working but no image will be shown. So the more and heavily images you have the more it takes to load.


How do I change the images of the slides in the right column?

Please check this answer - Static blocks > How do I change the images of the slides in the right column?



Will my extension work with your theme?

Our theme (and any other custom theme) isn’t compatible with all third-party extensions by default. You often (not always) need to customize the extension to make it work properly with your theme. It’s impossible for theme author to make the theme compatible with all existing extensions. Only default Magento theme is compatible with all third-party extensions, because all extensions are designed to work with default Magento theme.

theme design questions


If my shop has many root categories, will this break the theme since they will go beyond 1 row on the top menu. Or is it possible to move the menu below the logo?

No, it won't break theme. If you have many root categories menu will goes in two rows.

It is possible to move it below logo, but will require some customization.

products image settings


Can i make images in product listings higher?

Yes, you can adjust image ratio in theme options. Please check this answer for more info - Product page setup > How customizable picture size works


How to add rollover Product image?

Magento products managed in Catalog > Manage Products.

1.Create or edit product and go to Images tab.

2.Select image you want to use for listing pages ( small image ).

After that select image for rollover and type back in product label field


how customizable picture size works?

Please check this answer - Product page setup > How customizable picture size works

js & php errors


I am getting fatal php error

Usually php fatal error is not theme related issue. Best solution is to search on magento forums or google with exact error string.

You can also check this question - Errors during installation


I get js error. Slider not working / menu not working etc

The problem is that some ( or several ) of plugins installed in your system include another version of jquery library after all our libraries were loaded. It override jQuery object with all jquery libraries that was loaded by our theme.

Check plugin files and comment out jquery. It should be loaded via layout xml.
Usually layout files located in app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ or app/design/frontend/default/default/layout

static blocks


Is "Product custom block" can be different for each product? Is this block is the one in the store?

Please check Product page setup > Is "Product custom block" can be different for each product? Is this block is the one in the store?


On product pages I see "We recommend" block. Where it is controlled?

"We recommend" block is controlled by Up-sells section of product. To edit products in this section, please, go to Catalog > Manage Products. Choose product to edit and switch to Up-sells section.


Where all static blocks are located?

All static blocks can be found in CMS > Static blocks


Can i ask the code for certain static block?

In case you've deleted or changed page/block and want to restore it, you can always find original version in app/code/local/Queldorei/Shoppersettings/etc/cms.xml.
It contains two blocks of data: pages & blocks. They are corresponding to CMS Pages & Static Blocks. Xml fields are pretty self-explanatory.


How do I change the images of the slides in the right column?

To change slides in right column, please, do following steps:

  1. - Disable WYSIWYG editor
  2. - Go to CMS > Static blocks
  3. - Click on block with Identifier = shopper_banners_slideshow. You will see slider code
  4. - Basic slide html with title and image is:
  5. - To update image press Insert Image. Here you can upload new image or choose among existing.

basic magento question


Does this theme support price alerts/back in stock notifications links?

Yes, it is included as default Magento functionality. You can manage it in System > Configuration > Catalog, Products Alert section


How can I change theme?

To change theme please go to System > configuration > Design.
Open Themes section and change "shopper" to another theme.

To completely disable Shopper theme extensions, go to app\etc\modules\and edit following files:

  • Excellence_Ajax.xml
  • Excellence_AjaxWishlist.xml
  • Queldorei_Priceslider.xml
  • Queldorei_Shoppercategories.xml
  • Queldorei_ShopperSettings.xml
  • Queldorei_Shopperslideshow.xml
  • Inchoo_Prevnext.xml

Change to

How to edit newsletter success email?

Please check this article - Configuration: Customers - Newsletter


After adding product to basket it redirect to basket – and its empty.

Most common solution is to update cookie settings.
Go to System > Configuration > WEB > Cookie Session.
Set Cookie Lifetime to: 86400

Do not forget to clean cache.


Where to edit copyright text?

To edit copyright text go to System > Configuration > Designand open Footer section.


Store views and different configuration scopes

Current Configuration Scope list, at the top of the left Configuration panel, defines the range in which the configuration settings are applied. Some configuration settings apply globally to everything in the site, while others are more limited in scope. If you have multiple stores on your website, you can change the scope and make different configurations settings for each store.

Scope of the configuration is shown in [square brackets] to the right of the setting.
To set current configuration scope:

From the Admin panel, select System > Configuration.
In the upper-left Current Configuration Scope list, choose scope of the settings you want to make.
To see current store configuration, click Manage Stores.

Scope Settings

  • Default Configuration - Configuration at the Default level applies to all websites if a website or store specific value is not set.
  • Main Website - Configuration at Main Website scope, like Default, applies across all stores and store views. Certain settings, like Table Rates, can be made only with a Main Website scope.
  • Main Store - Configuration at Store scope applies only to the specific store
  • Storeview (English, Spanish, etc) - Store views are used to configure language or country specific settings.

For more information, see Understanding Store Scopes.


Empty navigation

The first level of categories are used for the STORE ROOTS only, and are NOT shown in the top navigation.

Categories from the 2nd level and downward are shown in that store’s top navigation. If your categories do not show up in your store, they are most likely NOT correctly assigned to the root category for the store.

You just need to define root category for your store. If you do not create any store, place all categories under default category

Please, check these links:
- how to create website/store
- how to connect categories to store

Do not forget to clean cache, magento use cache heavily


How to add filters in SHOP BY block

Please check this article -
To turn on layered navigation for categories do following steps for all categories:

  • - select category to edit
  • - switch to "Display Settings" tab
  • - set "Is Anchor" - Yes

Do not forget to reindex data and clear cache.


Number of Items in drop down Cart doesn't go above 3

That is correct behavior.
Dropdown shows Recently added items, not all items.
This is default magento behavior taken from sidebar cart block. You can check it here -


I made changes in admin ( change cms page, change product data ) but do not see it on frontend

Magento use cache heavily. If cache enabled, you will not see changes you made in admin.
In order to be able see changes you need to refresh cache or disable caching system. We would recommend you to disable caching during site setup.

Cache management is located in System > Cache management. Select all items, select disable in actions and click submit.

If you have updated product data and do not see changes, you need to reindex data. Index management is located in System > Index management


How to turn off WYSIWYG editor?

WYSIWYG can be disabled at Admin > System > Configuration.
Under General Tab there is "Content Management" section and there you can set different modes for this editor.


How to include links to CMS pages in the top navigation?

Please check this article -

product page setup


I want to hide second price on the product details page

Magento show two prices for configurable products by default.
1. To hide it go to Queldorei > Shopper > Theme settings.
Open Product section and set "Hide second price after product options on configurable product page" = Yes


Is "Product custom block" can be different for each product? Is this block is the one in the store?

"Product custom block" can’t be different for each product but "We recommend" can. "We recommend" shows up-sell products. You can choose "up-sell" and "related" products separately for each product.


How customizable picture size works

You can adjust image size on product details page. To do it you need to go to Queldorei > Shopper > Theme settings. Open Product Images. Here you can change width and size of image for product details page.
3rd option Use aspect ratio for all images - allow you to choose if you want to use main image aspect ration throughout the site. If this option enabled, image ratio will be changed for all product images. Width will remain the same and height will be adjusted